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To ensure that you can complete your transaction, we request that you use the latest versions of one of these supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.2023 Moose Lottery is closed – drawing will be held on June 16th 2023 Free Fishing Days: Saturday January 21 and Saturday June 3No license required on Free Fishing Days, all regulations apply, angling only – anyone participating in a Fish Tournament on Free Fishing days is required to have a license.Unit L Lottery will open on July 10 after 9 AM and run until July 23.  Emails will be sent on Aug 3 with results.Unit M Permits will be available to purchase on a first come first serve basis on July 24th after 9 AM.If you need to purchase a Federal Duck Stamp for waterfowl hunting you can check with your local Post Office or online: run on calendar year (except temporary types), expiring on December 31st.Hunting and fishing licenses are legal documents and must be purchased by the licensee.  The sportsperson must apply and enter the applicable residency proof.  Anyone who makes a false statement to obtain a license shall be guilty of a violation.  The Department does not have the authority to refund license monies; refunds or exchanges will not be granted.  Gift Certificates for licenses are available at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord.Sportspersons without a prior hunting and/or archery license (or NH Safety Certificate) in our system cannot purchase their hunting or archery license on the Internet site or at a Wal-Mart.  It must be purchased at a “traditional” license agent showing the prior hunting/archery license or safety certificate equivalent to New Hampshire’s.Although this site is mobile friendly, in order for a license to be valid it must be printed out and signed by the applicant.  For fishing licenses (NOT HUNTING) a pdf or other fixed image of a valid license visible on a smart phone is sufficient to comply with the law, as long as a Conservation Officer can view the information contained and a photo ID can be presented.Residents of NH Over Age 68 years – Senior vs. Milestone license types (basic hunting, fishing, archery, muzzleloader)Discounted Senior Licenses are available on internet or license agents for Residents who have reached age 68 and whose date of birth is 1948 or later   Applicant MUST be at least 68 years of age at the time of purchase to qualify for these rates. Those NH Residents born 1947 or earlier must obtain their permanent Milestone License at the NH Fish & Game Department in Concord or at select license agents.   Call 603-271-3422 for more info.All secondary licenses may be purchased on the internet or at license agents.

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